Whole40 Challenge: California adventures on a budget

When Scout heard the words “Canada”, “move”, and “snow”, he froze. He just sat there and stared at me until I began to regret my life choices. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about that judgmental rabbit stare that says, “Why are humans like this?

rabbit staring with wide eyes
Scout occasionally destroys my personal property as a reminder that he’s still very much in control.

But wait… what’s Whole40? Who’s Scout? With whom is he moving? And why would he leave the San Francisco Bay area for rural Ontario, Canada? Let’s take a moment to answer your worthy questions.

What is SGS?

Scout Goes Scouting (SGS) is a food and travel blog packed with reviews by the world’s most opinionated rabbit. Scout is a world-traveling rescue rabbit who hails from the scorching Nevada desert. You can read his full story here, but for the sake of time, I’ll tell you that Scout is an outstanding connoisseur and an abysmal typist. That’s where I come in…

Anna Frymire eating French fries
The rumors are true… Nothing makes me smile like French fries.

My name is Anna Frymire and I’m Scout’s reluctant scribe. I say reluctant because Scout pays me nothing. Of course, he maintains that this scribe work is good for me and keeps my skills fresh. I must concede that SGS makes me a better writer and that’s a good thing since writing is also my job. (You can verify that claim on my website here.)

I’m also on a great Team: Team Frymire. (If you love compelling autobiographies, you can read about us here.) In short, Daniel of Team Frymire is in the US Air Force. Thanks to his successful career defending our freedoms, Scout and I get to live across the globe on the government’s dime. (Ever wondered where your tax dollars go? Subscribe to Scout’s blog and find out!)

military couple standing by American flag
Yep. That’s the Frymires.

Scout just nudged me and asked if I could “possibly stop making his blog ALL about me”. I asked him if he could “possibly stop continuing to conversate in passive voice because it could possibly be misunderstood as passive or maybe even aggressive”. Then I just sat there and stared at him until he began to regret his life choices.

For now, we’ll table the discussion about my vibrant life and get back to the Whole40 Challenge and Canada story you came for! (Scout can’t stand when I end sentences with a preposition or start them with a conjunction. But I too can be passive aggressive.)

Team Frymire knew that Scout would never agree to this move unless he saw the culinary value in it.

Why Whole40?

When Scout heard about the move to Canada, he was not pleased. After all, Napa is his favorite place in the world and, right now, he lives within an hour of the Napa valley. In fact, he lives within hours of San Francisco, the beach, Sacramento, farmers markets, the Muir Woods, Lake Tahoe, international airports, Silicon Valley, Michelin star restaurants, fresh sourdough bread, world-class tasting rooms… You get the idea. Leaving the Bay Area is not to be taken lightly.

Team Frymire knew that Scout would never agree to this move unless he saw the culinary value in it. Fortunately, Team Frymire is strategic and, over the past week, we strategically mentioned all that Ontario, Canada, has to offer.

two donuts
Donut lovers UNITE.

When Scout heard the words “poutine”, “gravy”, and “donuts”, he blinked. He just sat there and blinked at Team Frymire until we realized that we won this battle. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about that contemplative rabbit blink that says, “How am I so lucky to live with these people?” In that moment, Scout’s annoyed “no” became an unequivocal, “YES!!!” Of course, his unequivocal “YES!!!” comes with just a few hundred conditions, but we’re used to Scout’s demands. Before I launch into those stories, let’s discuss this whole thing about “Whole40“.

Whole40″ is for 40 days, 40 dollars, 40 destinations. We will move to Canada in November. Tomorrow (September 21st) marks 40 days until November 1st. Put simply, Scout has 40 days to do all of the things on his California bucket list. This list includes everything from “be on the local radio” to “eat takeout Cuban food at the beach”.

“Whole40” is for 40 days, 40 dollars, 40 destinations.

“Why the $40 budget?”, you ask. Well, despite Scout’s countless culinary and literary contributions to mankind, he does little to help with Team Frymire’s bottom line. So we gave him a budget and he begrudgingly agreed. The only exception is gas (since Scout carpools with me.) (Scout tip: Always double-check your receipts when budgeting… if only to cringe at the taxes and vote differently next election cycle.)

takeout food in box at lake
In case you thought we weren’t serious about takeout Cuban food on the water.
There’s no end to our obscure adventures.

Whole40 Guidelines

Just like the traditional Whole30 program, this challenge has some guidelines…

Yes: Eat really good food.

Eat donuts, French fries, salads, burgers, macaroni, fruits, and unrecognizable ingredients. This is Whole40. You should WHOLLY enjoy your travels.

No: Acting like a snob.

  • Do not avoid new people or places. Unexpected people and places are why you travel. Embrace awkward situations, conversations, and budgeting conundrums.
  • Do not consume familiar food. If there’s a food you haven’t tried, try it. You may have some nostalgic food, but avoid repeats.
  • Do not brag. Culinary and travel expertise doesn’t make you better than everyone else. We’re all travelers on life’s grand adventure.
  • Do not forget to document your new adventures. Take photos and share them daily.
  • Do not exclude people (or rabbits, or cats, or dogs, or horses). Invite old and new friends to join you on your adventures.

Are you ready to “Whole40” with Scout?

Join us and vacation on a budget in your home state! Tag us on Insta: @scoutgoesscoutingblog. Or, feel free to use the hashtags: #whole40 #whole40SGS #scoutgoesscouting #scoutgoesscoutingblog. Who knows where Scout will go? He could end up at this beach again…

beach with Golden Gate bridge
Look where we washed up! (puns.. always puns)

Or maybe he’ll talk Daniel of Team Frymire into driving to the City for some more pie.

man drinking coffee with pie on table
Yes, we did drive 3+ hours in traffic for this pie. Yes, it was completely worth it.

But one thing’s for sure: Scout’s ready for adventures in California! In fact, he’s already in bed resting up before his early start TOMORROW.

rabbit sleeping on bed

Will we see you there? We hope so because Whole40 is 100%…

scout approved seal

Author: Scout and Anna

Scout and Anna are everything you'd expect from a blogging partnership comprised of a young professional and a world-traveling, foodie rabbit. Scout is the author of this blog and Anna is his scribe, of sorts. Like all rabbit bloggers, Scout is terrible at typing and wonderful at commanding so the partnership was natural. The power struggle, however, is nothing short of deeply complex.

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