Team Frymire

…Wait. What’s this “Team Frymire” and who types up these run-on’s with oxford commas? So glad you asked! “Team Frymire” is comprised of Daniel and Anna Frymire. We’re just your everyday power couple who vegges on jalapeno chips and binge watches cooking shows while we discuss statistics. We’re really cool people. Clearly.

Scout’s our rabbit and the author of this Blog, but his typing skills leave much to be desired so he dictates to Anna. I guess this means that Anna is Scout’s scribe? We’re still working out the details. For now, just know that “Team Frymire” is a happy duo currently beholden to the whims of quite possibly the world’s most opinionated rabbit.

Sounds unbelievable? Check out the “Scout Approved” ranking system and you’ll soon be a Scout fan along with us!

Team Frymire sounds so delightful. Please, tell me more.

If you’re serious about the “more” part, read on for a full disclosure on the most common Team Frymire misconceptions.

You’re hopeless hipsters.

Team Frymire tried to be hipsters kind of like Anna tried to pluck her own eyebrows in the 90’s. The pressure to be cool all of the time and pretend like we loved every shop with hanging filament light bulbs just became too much for us. (Hipsters sure have a lot of opinions on coffee, beards, and pilgrim shoes!) We cracked under the pressure and bought donuts from a local CHAIN. We did cringe a little though so maybe we’re part hipster?

You’re fiscally foolish foodies.

If being a foodie means that we unabashedly eat and tell, then yes, we’re total foodies. If being a foodie means that we only eat locally sourced organic produce, shop at expensive grocery stores, and pretend that there’s not frozen meals in our fridge, then no, we’re not foodies. Sometimes we chug green smoothies. And other times, we reward ourselves with all-you-can-eat sushi that’s sold at such low prices under such questionable conditions that it’s all but guaranteed parasites are in our future. We’re fortunate because we can afford to have fun after work. But we’re also normal adults who wonder how our parents ever afforded to do anything after they paid the bills.

You carefully cook continuously.

False. Daniel of Team Frymire has a natural flare for cooking. It has something to do with his exotic Peruvian heritage, attention to detail, and stress relief. You can safely say Daniel equally enjoys cooking and eating. Anna, on the other hand, just enjoys eating. She loves the idea of cooking, but baking gives more instant gratification. (Can she get a “hurrah” for funfetti box cupcakes?) When she does cook, it’s because she really loves her family and friends and she’s really trying. It also has something to do with the fact that eating out for every meal is $$$$ and processed foods can cause her acne to flare. So I guess you could say she cooks out of love, necessity and vanity.

How about Scout? Is he a hipster-foodie-chef-rabbit who spends his days critiquing all that the 21st century’s culinary icons and travel experts have to offer?

Yes. He just might be ALL of those things and so much more…