So Public, So Us!

With regret.

Those were the only two words we saw. With regret… you are not current enough. With regret… you should make other plans. With regret… get a new career. With regretGO BUY YOURSELF THE BIGGEST SLICE OF CAKE YOU CAN FIND BECAUSE YOU’RE GONNA’ NEED IT.

Home is where the cake is.

We don’t remember how the sentence ended and we didn’t reread it to clarify. We know what “regret” means and we know that’s probably not what the University Of Our Choice felt when they moved my (Anna’s) graduate school application to the “NO” pile. Nevertheless, we’ll forgive the empty platitude.

Where have we been this past month? Oh, you know… the usual: a little wallowing, a lot of eating, a sip of whiskey, an abundance of cake, and a TON of reconsidering our dreams.

Well, that’s a bit of an existential exaggeration. I’ve been reconsidering my dreams. Scout’s been compiling photos and restaurants and adventures for our readers. Since he relies on me as his scribe, he’s been rather out-of-sorts and wants you to know that he hasn’t given up on his blog—even though I temporarily gave up on washing my hair and eating salads. He’s committed. In fact, despite what the cake and sweat pants budget indicates, I’m also committed. I’m even considering a career in writing?

I’ve been reconsidering my dreams. Scout’s been compiling photos and restaurants and adventures for our readers.

You see, I’ve been working a traditional job for 10+ years so the idea of a career change or entrepreneurship doesn’t fit into THE PLAN. As you can imagine, diverging from THE PLAN is a terrifying thought.


Buy a library

Invest in donuts

Make 200K+ a year

Marry Daniel of Team Frymire (Check!)

Become an LCSW

Reform the juvenile justice system

Run a nonprofit

Star in a toothpaste commercial (plausible?)

Pick up a law degree (less plausible?)

Adopt 10+ kids

Publish a bestseller

Travel as a journalist

Eat seven Twinkies in one sitting (Pending…)

Retire to Peru with Daniel of Team Frymire by 42

…and find a pet Alpaca named Charles (all but guaranteed)

That annual employee enrichment training served me well as I set my S.M.A.R.T. goals. THE PLAN is somewhat Specific, mostly Manageable, almost Achievable, really (un)Realistic, and totally Timely. Not surprisingly, THE PLAN has left Scout and I feeling a little…


Scout’s reminding me that THIS BLOG IS ABOUT FOOD and HIS FOOD REVIEWS. Since he clearly feels so overlooked, I think it’s only right that I also share Scout’s Plan with our readers.


Escape the scorching Nevada desert (Check)

Be discovered by an unsuspecting couple with a steady income (Check)

Live in said unsuspecting couple’s home (Check)

Take over said unsuspecting couple’s home (Check)

Travel America (maybe even the world) (Check)

Live near Napa (Check)

Eat at the French Laundry (Pending)

Start a blog (Check)

Take back the blog post happening right now (Check?)

Scout may need to reevaluate his life goals and admit he has a control issue? Nevertheless, since I’ve already wallowed for a month, I’ll relent and type up Scout’s review of one of our favorite places this side of the country.

Public Us

While I wallowed over the past month, Scout and Daniel reminded me of all the awesome food memories we’ve built (and all the donuts we have yet to eat!) As we reminisced about food and coffee and the most important meal of the day (BRUNCH!) we wished we could hop on a plane and fly back to Las Vegas. Believe us, you absolutely, positively, MUST visit Public Us near Old Fremont in downtown Las Vegas. Go SOON and eat this:

We found these breakfasts growing on a stump and hauled them into town.

The first time we visited Public Us, we went for the coffee. We’d heard that the coffee menu featured non-alcoholic coffee cocktails like the Espresso Old-Fashioned. As anticipated, the coffee did not disappoint! Public Us makes all of their simple syrups and nut milks from scratch, in-house. Each sip is delightfully nuanced as you enjoy the flavors of your favorite cocktails with a punch of rich espresso! Of course, Scout sticks to the classics so he eventually ordered an almond milk latte while Daniel enjoyed his favorite coffee drink: a pour over.

Always hydrate as you dehydrate.

What we did not expect was THE FOOD. Oh, the food. Scout wants you to know that, as a vegan, he’s highly suspicious of brunch menus and was prepared to scrutinize this menu. He was left rather speechless as he discovered a menu that offered fresh, healthy dishes for every dietary need. There’s gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, carnivorous, carb-loaded, veggie-stuffed, sweet, savory, and downright beautiful food here! Of course, I reminded Scout that Las Vegas is very vegan-friendly so he really shouldn’t be surprised by the numerous vegan options. Scout reminded me that not all vegan dishes are created equal and that THESE vegan dishes are truly blanched vegetable perfection.

Fly away with me, beautiful brunch!

In addition to sincere customer service and creative food, Public Us is an artistic space where the attention to detail is almost overwhelming. Public Us brings international art and prehistoric motifs together in a way that feels more like an art show than a restaurant. We heard that the owner built all of the wooden tables, chairs, bookshelves, and counters himself. This doesn’t surprise us since each piece looks painstakingly crafted for the balanced space.

Scout doesn’t want me to share this next part, but I just have to tell you about the bathroom. Yes, even the bathroom is creative. Just check out this sink!

Obsessive Compulsive Hand Washers: welcome to the bold, new space for your cleansing rituals.

If we had the time and your undivided attention, we could go on and on about this place. Instead, we’ll answer this all-important question: what’s your favorite thing about Public Us? Our answer: the energy. It permeates everything. This vibrant space is packed with what appears to be all of the owner’s favorites. He’s hung lanterns, curated books, planted trees, showcased artwork, and installed secret sliding doors. If there’s one thing Scout and I always agree on (and believe us, it’s rare) it’s when people unapologetically share their favorite things. Do they match? Probably not. Do they flow? Sometimes. Does it matter? Absolutely not!

When someone pours their personality into their work, the result is an explosion of creative energy. (Hmmm. Scout feels there might be a lesson in there for me… I don’t know what he’s talking about.) It’s a wonderful experience for guests and makes for a truly authentic space. Despite what Instagram will tell you, authenticity is exceedingly rare. When it does show up, it’s usually misunderstood or scrutinized. We’d love to better understand how Public Us became Public Us, but alas, we moved away before we could ask. It’s a mystery we’ll solve soon when we (hopefully) book a flight back to the Real Las Vegas. Will the owner give us an interview? Only time will tell! Until then, brunch on, readers. Brunch on!

When someone pours their personality into their work, the result is an explosion of creative energy.

Move aside. “Serious Barista” coming through.
Darn back light gets us every time!
Reddit with your brunch?
“Serious Barista” is seriously awesome.
Horizontal? Vertical? Either way, it was sunny-side perfection.
You’ve just been FOOD-SPAMMED!

PS… Scout ranks Public Us a #5 on Scout’s Foreboding Five-Point Scale: Grab your tribe and form a line! Quickly.

Author: Scout and Anna

Scout and Anna are everything you'd expect from a blogging partnership comprised of a young professional and a world-traveling, foodie rabbit. Scout is the author of this blog and Anna is his scribe, of sorts. Like all rabbit bloggers, Scout is terrible at typing and wonderful at commanding so the partnership was natural. The power struggle, however, is nothing short of deeply complex.

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  • The Besr coffee in the whole entire world (and yes I am referring to at least 8 countries known for coffee where I have personally traveled) is at Patagonia Chicololates in Wanaka, NZ … until I went to Public Us and tasted the EXACT same flavor of perfection. I don’t know if these two places are in cahoots across the ocean, but they have found the secret to the best coffee in the world. The WHOLE world.

    • For starters…. Now Patagonia Chicololates in Wanaka, NZ, is on our bucket list!!! We need to taste their coffee SOON! Do you have pictures? Please tell us you documented the best coffee in the world because we may ask you to guest post about it!

      Secondly, agreed and agreed! Public Us pours some magic into their coffee and now we’re convinced they must be in cahoots with Patagonia Chicololates! There’s only one place that’s even a close second to Public Us and that’s Elemental Coffee in Oklahoma. Why is the best coffee in the world hidden in the unassuming corners of the world?!?!?

    • Hey Kevin! It’s probably our favorite coffee spot ever… Still searching for something as good as this in the Bay Area. We love San Diego and visit a few times a year to see family and enjoy your SoCal beaches. Any recommendations for when we go? Thanks for your comment. Much love from NorCal!

  • Oooh I loved going to Public Us!!! That coffee was SO so good…and the food…oh yum. And I agree, such a cool feeling inside.
    I have to quote Miss Clarkson “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Believe it! You are an amazing writer…maybe this no will turn into your yes for some other bright plan in store for you. Whatever you do, please don’t stop writing and please do the needful stop sharing your wittiness and real raw self with the world. You are an explosion of creative energy!!!

    • Thanks, Deborah! You’re a wonderful encouragement and we needed to hear that. 🙂 I (Anna) am definitely an explosion… Whether or not that’s a good explosion is up for debate! ;-P Truly though… Thank you. <3 YOU keep sharing your testimony because you're a gift to this world too!!!

    • I need to ditto Deb’s sentiments about your bright future and abilities that are fully rooted in your character. And now I need to find a way back to Las Vegas for the sole purpose of trying out all Scout’s recommendations. Great photos!!