Meet Scout

A regrettable food desert

Two years ago, Scout hopped into our lives when he saw that “Team Frymire”while unmistakably cool, lacked a rabbit to rule their lives.  Scout originally hails from the scorching Nevada dessert. He and his bunny tribe began their lives in the infamous “Bunny Dump” at Floyd Lamb Park in Las Vegas, NV. At Floyd’s (as Scout refers to the park), Scout was ignored by the general populous as just another feral rabbit. Unwilling to be left behind, eight week old Scout decided it was time for a change of scenery. (He’d heard about the Freemont Street Experience, but needed to see it to believe it!)

Scout originally hails from the scorching Nevada dessert.

Some think that we visited Floyd Lamb Park on that hazy April evening to find Scout, but Scout really found us. Maybe it was our smiles, maybe it was our personable natures, or just maybe (and this one’s a stretch) it was the carrot Daniel held, but 0.8lb Scout hopped into Daniel’s hand and thus began his new life as a house rabbit. Scout obviously knows a good thing when he sees it and between his scrupulous palette and eye for beauty, he’s an exceptional tour guide and a bit of a foodie. A vegan by nature, Scout forgives our carnivorous habits and has taken a particular liking to brunch.

Some curiously curated travels

Most people think we moved across the country because Daniel of “Team Frymire” is in the Air Force, but it’s really because Scout wanted to visit NorCal and has a special affection for Napa. (Can you blame him?) Scout’s definitely one for travel and has taken a few flights to Colorado to see the Rockies and meet the rest of the family. With that said, he really prefers road trips since they usually involve stops at small town diners and local coffee shops. In his words,

“What is travel if the destination is not food?”

Yes, Scout is a very hungry adventurer and has a short list of destinations around the country (and world) he’d like to live. He’s wanted to start his Blog for a while and, quite frankly, has become a little demanding so it’s finally up and running! We hope you’ll join us as Scout takes us to his favorite “Scout Approved” spots across America.