• Best Bookstores in Northern California

    Autumn inspires sentimentality and the glow of leaves at twilight makes Scout melancholy in the best way. Every now and again, Scout savors a melancholy day like he savors a warm cup of coffee. Feeling rather sentimental about his melancholic state, Scout decide to spend Whole40 Challenge week two comfy among the very best bookstores

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  • Whole40 Challenge Days 4-7: Small adventures

    As Scout and I reflected on Whole40 Challenge Week One, we felt a little melancholy. We couldn’t believe week one was already over. After writing and rewriting, we finally settled upon this post. It’s a decidedly simple story, but we like to think that’s alright every once in a while. After all, some of the

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  • Whole40 Challenge Day 3: “Fame mongering”

    Lifelong dream Scout and I are pleased to tell you that we fulfilled a lifelong dream: we spent three hours in traffic on our way to the City to record a soundbite for KQED. To be clear, the traffic wasn’t the dream (though it has become eerily nostalgic.) Recording a radio story was the dream

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